Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Store,

Dear Gadget Place,

Go to Hell.

Now that that's out of the way, let move on.

You hired me to work in the department that would have been the best fit for me.  Then I'm told I'm switching to probably the worst department for me.  Then I show up for initial training stuff and I'm back in the good department.

I get a schedule, and things are ready to go.  Then the trouble started.

You screwed me out of another part time job because they didn't like the availability I had after that initial schedule.  Then when you switched me I had 1/4 the hours.

You put me through Hell getting me trained for Tax Free Weekend.

That was about a month ago.  I've worked 3 days since Tax Free.  I could have had 4, but you wanted me on Sunday and called me on Friday to make that happen. 

Unfortunately for you, I picked up work with a caterer.  I'm getting hours there, and $2 an hour more with raises coming whenever the owner feels like it instead of on some corporate mandated schedule.

As long as you don't schedule me, I'm not quiting.  I like the employee discount.  I like the bonus I'll get because other people are doing their job. 

But you are all sacks of crap. 

I'll be quiting at most a few days before my next scheduled shift.  Probably the day before.  I'm not totally evil, but you screwed me over first.  I feel no loyalty for places like that.

So again, go to Hell. 

The Guy You Hired And Never Scheduled

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