Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Friends,

This letter is obscenely petty, which is why it isn't being sent.

Okay.  My boyfriend and I are good friends of you both.  I don't hang out with you as much as I'd like, since I've been really busy with work.  But he's constantly with you guys, and we've done a lot of cool stuff together. We're both members of the same social circle, you had us over for orphan Christmas, and I thought we were really tight?

So why didn't we get invited over last Tuesday?

People that you know less got invited to whatever you did last week.  People that you have actual drama with got invited. My boyfriend and I have been good friends to you, and we don't have any drama that I can think of... why not us?  Are we not as good friends as I thought?

I guess I'm taking this as an exclusion because of my baggage... I was really hoping to start fresh since I came to my new city this year, and I've cut ties with a lot of people that haven't been good friends to me in the past. I know we don't have boatloads of shared history, but we have been on good terms since we met last summer, and we've done a lot together.  I really thought I put the past behind me, but I guess I have to unpack this baggage if I'm ever going to be okay with this.  I guess I'd just like a reason why I'm no longer in the loop.

I'm glad you won't be reading this, or if you do, you won't know it's you, because who wants to feel like they've been targeted for something that's probably not even about them? I know I'll get over it, but I'm just feeling a little raw.


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