Friday, July 5, 2013

To the Worst Boss Ever

Dear Kurt,

I have no idea how you are in the position you're in.  You're supposed to be running this place, but all you do is sit in the back and play with your phone.  We can't say that you're even doing anything there. You're not keeping an eye on the metrics, you're not doing paperwork, you're not doing ANYTHING.

And when you do get your fat ass out on the sales floor, all you do is play around with your favorites and ignore the rest of us.  Or abuse the rest of us. Either way, this isn't management.  This is bullshit.

I got real tired of all of your antics, and that's why I'm quitting.  I got tired of you telling me that I'm "going to be fired" if a bad secret shop comes through, even though several did come through and you never followed up on your threat.  Or "going to be fired" if a task I was never trained on was done incorrectly. Or "going to be fired" if my staff (which I had next to no say in hiring) failed to perform according to your ever-shifting goalposts.

And now... you say you'd never break bread with me, because I don't visit you?  Maybe I don't visit you BECAUSE I HATE YOU!

Please die,


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