Friday, July 5, 2013

Dear Psycho

Dee Dee,

I'm sorry, but I am never going to forgive you for how terribly you treated me while I was at my most vulnerable.  You demanded an endless supply of attention, validation, and emotional support, when I had very little to give another person. And you never once reciprocated. Every moment was about you, what you did, what you liked, what you were interested in, and you never once so much as asked what I thought. Even a simple "how are you" would ahve gone a long way. When I would express my opinion, you just railroaded right past it like I was pennies on a train track. But it's not like you cared. You were lying to me every moment.

You lied about everything... even things as basic as your name, your gender, and your voice. I called, and you had your husband answer the phone. Not that I knew he was your husband, of course.

And then, you had the audacity to misunderstand why I wanted my distance. You were actually surprised that I didn't want anyhting to do with you afterwards. Shocked, even.

Well, bitch, when the truth finally came crashing down around you, I was left feeling hurt, betrayed, embarrassed, and utterly alone. I cried for days. And all you considered was the fact that you lost a source of narcissistic supply.

And I never told you this, but when you sent me the actual picture of yourself, before you admitted the truth, I didn't realize you were a woman.

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