Friday, April 25, 2014

Bait and Switch

Dear Recruiter for Widget Company,

Thank you for spending time interviewing with me. I was surprised when you reached out to me regarding working as a Widget Manager for Widget Company, but I was happy to talk about a potential offer.

I went through two interviews, with you and with the Regional Widget Manager, and when you called me, you suddenly dropped the possibility of being an Assistant Widget Manager.  Never mind that I've been working as a Widget Manager for another company for YEARS. Never mind that I'm educated far beyond the average Assistant OR Widget Manager. Never mind that I haven't been an Assistant Widget Manager for nearly ten years. I am far and away overqualified for the Assistant Widget Manager position, by any metric. I *hire* Assistant Widget Managers.

When you called me back, you told me that Widget Company had decided to move me forward as an Assistant Widget Manager. I'd take a 30% pay cut, have my bonus slashed, and you could assure me all day, every day that I wouldn't be in the position long... but you don't understand that I spoke to your associates in the TreeTown location. The Widget Manager there had been with the company for six months, but the Assistant Widget Manager had been there for six years.

I had a choice, either to stick by my principles and hold out for the position I was actually interested in, or take my chances with something lesser, hoping that it would pan out in my favor eventually, and effectively losing a third of my income.

Even though I knew that if I tried holding out for the Widget Manager position I was originally *recruited for* that it wouldn't go anywhere, I couldn't just gamble my life away.  I have rent and bills to pay. I have dreams and goals, and taking a step back in my career would be a huge setback for them.  I wouldn't be able to use the skills and talents I had developed, and I'd frankly be miserable every day, and that misery would turn into resentment.

I'm glad I didn't make it easy for you.  I'm very glad that when I called to follow up, I made you tell me why Widget Company wasn't moving forward with the initial role we talked about (because I don't have a really "out-there" personality. I'm sorry, I was told that it wasn't a good idea to be drunk during interviews), and I'm ecstatic that I had the balls to ask you if you realized that I'd be taking a 30% pay cut, especially when we had discussed salary and you knew approximately how much I was after. And I'm glad I passed on it. I'm a little upset that I spent so much time, money, energy, and gasoline on interviewing with you people, and I'm upset with you for thinking you could just bait-and-switch me with no repercussions. You should be ashamed of what you were complicit in. And finally, I'm upset that you didn't even try to sell me on the position. You made a couple feeble references to the Assistant Widget Manager position being a "fabulous" job, but you didn't even bother trying to be enthusiastic about it.

Please don't call me again. If I'm going to waste time, I'd rather have fun doing it.

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